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Watch Movies Online : Naked Souls
1161) Naked Souls (Runtime: 1 hr 25 min - 1 Full Sources)
Release: May 18, 1996
Rating: 8.00/10
Views: 15,519
Comments: 0
Edward is busy trying to unlock the secrets of reading and recording people's thoughts. He is very involved with his work leaving little room for girlfriend Britt. Longstreet comes along and offers Edward a place to do his research and have unlimited funding. There are, however, ulterior motives as Edward is also somehow unlocking the secrets of eternal life. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Norma Jean & Marilyn
1162) Norma Jean & Marilyn (Runtime: 1 hr 48 min - 11 Full Sources)
Release: May 18, 1996
Rating: 5.00/10
Views: 4,982
Comments: 0
Originally made for cable television, this imaginative biopic chronicles the life of Marilyn Monroe (Mira Sorvino), including the years before she changed her name from Norma Jean Baker (Ashley Judd) and was transformed into the screen persona that made her a legendary sex symbol. The movie employs unconventional, dream like storytelling techniques in which Marilyn and her former self, Norma Jean, frequently appear in scenes together, with Norma Jean often taunting Marilyn for not living up to her earlier aspirations. Many facets of Monroe's life are examined, including her childhood and adolescence when Norma Jean had to live with foster families because of her mother's psychological problems. In addition to referencing Monroe's work on several films the movie explores her marriages to baseball great Joe DiMaggio and famous playwright Arthur Miller, as well as her romances, including her purported relationship with U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The film also offers a hard hitting look at Monroe's struggle with drug and alcohol dependency. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : No One Would Tell
1163) No One Would Tell (Runtime: 1 hr 36 min - 1 Full Sources)
Release: May 6, 1996
Rating: 3.00/10
Views: 4,337
Comments: 0
Shy sixteen-year-old Stacy Collins can't believe that the most popular guy in school, an attractive athlete named Bobby Tennison, is interested in her. At first she is flattered by his constant attention, but then he becomes possessive and jealous-telling her who she can speak to and what she can wear. Threats escalate into violence when Bobby thinks Stacy has stepped out of line. Soon she is walking on egg shells and living in fear. Having seen the tell-tale bruises, Stacy's best friend convinces her to break things off with Bobby-but in a moment of weakness, Stacy goes to meet him. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : The Neon Bible
1164) The Neon Bible (Runtime: 1 hr 31 min - 2 Full Sources)
Release: Mar 1, 1996
Rating: 0.00/10
Views: 24
Comments: 0
While on a train, a teenage boy thinks about his life and the flamboyant aunt whose friendship acted as an emotional shield from his troubled family. This film evokes the haunting quality of memory while creating a heartfelt portrait of a boy's life in a rural 1940s Southern town. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Night of the Twisters
1165) Night of the Twisters (Runtime: 1 hr 32 min - 10 Full Sources)
Release: Feb 14, 1996
Rating: 7.50/10
Views: 3,676
Comments: 0
A peaceful Nebraska town on a sweltering summer day becomes the setting for an unprecedented disaster when it is struck by a deadly series of strong tornados. The story is told from the viewpoint of a 12-year-old boy who is forced to overcome his own terror to save the lives of friends and family in the horrifying aftermath. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Nixon
1166) Nixon (Runtime: 3 hr 12 min - 12 Full Sources)
Release: Dec 20, 1995
Rating: 5.00/10
Views: 3,880
Comments: 0
Director Oliver Stone's exploration of former president Richard Nixon's strict Quaker upbringing, his nascent political strivings in law school, and his strangely self-effacing courtship of his wife, Pat. The contradictions in his character are revealed early, in the vicious campaign against Helen Gahagan Douglas and the oddly masochistic Checkers speech. His defeat at the hands of the hated and envied John F. Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election, followed by the loss of the 1962 California gubernatorial race, seem to signal the end of his career. Yet, although wholly lacking in charisma, Nixon remains a brilliant political operator, seizing the opportunity provided by the backlash against the antiwar movement to take the presidency in 1968. It is only when safely in office, running far ahead in the polls for the 1972 presidential election, that his growing paranoia comes to full flower, triggering the Watergate scandal. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Night Eyes Four: Fatal Passion
1167) Night Eyes Four: Fatal Passion (Runtime: 1 hr 41 min - 20 Full Sources)
Genre:Drama / Thriller
Release: Nov 30, 1995
Rating: 0.00/10
Views: 3,762
Comments: 0
Successful psychologist, Dr. Angela Cross, puts in a new burglar alarm system into her home due to threats she received... Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Nick Of Time
1168) Nick Of Time (Runtime: 1 hr 30 min - 16 Full Sources)
Release: Nov 22, 1995
Rating: 7.67/10
Views: 7,688
Comments: 0
On a normal afternoon for accountant Gene Watson, the minutes and hours pass with little notice or concern. Not today. Random chance has just placed him in one of those horrific, incredulous situations. Arriving at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles for an appointment, Gene and his six-year-old daughter Lynn are suddenly taken hostage by police impostors. Gene is told he must commit a murder within the next 90 minutes or his daughter will die. The target of his deadly assignment is an innocent public figure. Any effort Watson makes to go to the authorities is stymied by the sure knowledge that the kidnappers will retaliate by killing his daughter. In his frantic race against the clock, each moment has quick and deadly consequences. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Neurosia-Fifty Years of Perversion
1169) Neurosia-Fifty Years of Perversion (Runtime: 1 hr 29 min - 1 Full Sources)
Release: Nov 2, 1995
Rating: 0.00/10
Views: 36
Comments: 0
Neurosia is the autobiography of the director Rosa von Praunheim. The movie begins with Rosa presenting his autobiography in a movie theater. Before the film begins, he is shot. But - his body gets lost. A female journalist from a TV station begins researching the life of Rosa. In the course of the movie she speaks to lots of aquaintances, shows short clips from Rosas old movies. Her main aim is to provide sensational and shocking details from Rosas life. It turns out that nearly everybody had some reason to kill Rosa. At the end of the movie, she discovers Rosa at a boat where he is kept prisoner by some of his old enemies. She frees him, and the movie ends. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : The Nature Of The Beast
1170) The Nature Of The Beast (Runtime: 1 hr 31 min - 12 Full Sources)
Release: Oct 24, 1995
Rating: 1.00/10
Views: 2,313
Comments: 0
Jack meets Adrian out in Nevada. Adrian latches on to Jack, and won't go away. Jack tries to lose Adrian, but Adrian informs Jack not to mess with him, or he'll call the police because he knows Jack's secret. In the meantime, the car radio keeps blaring news reports of a serial killer in the area called "The Hatchet Man", as well as a theft of a huge sum of money from a local casino. Jack is concealing a briefcase, and wherever he and Adrian go, "The Hatchet Man" seems to strike within the vicinity! Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.