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John Lloyd Cruz

This is the profile page for John Lloyd Cruz. On the right you can Watch Movies online that John Lloyd Cruz had a role in, either as a producer, director, writer or actor. More details regarding each Online Movie could be found right below the title in the darker division. You may also scroll down the page to view the IMDB profile page of John Lloyd Cruz.

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Watch Movies Online : Miss You Like Crazy
1) Miss You Like Crazy (Movies - Runtime: 2 hr 6 min - Full Sources)
John Lloyd Cruz played as (Unknown Character)
Genre:Drama / Romance
Release: Feb 24, 2010
Rating: 6.50/10
Views: 17,304
Comments: 0
This film is a nice addition to her recent body of work (including One More Chance, A Very Special Love, and You Changed My Life). I'm going far as saying that the execution of Miss You Like Crazy is almost Hollywood-like. However, I feel that the film lost a lot of is edge in the process of making it a very polished film. Some film fans will feel that Miss You Like Crazy doesn't have the emotional hooks its predecessors have and that the presence of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo was clockwork. (Did John Lloyd just mail it in? We'll never know). Bea, for her part, had an uneven performance as she was awkward the first parts then got to her comfort zone in the latter parts. The story focuses on timing and time as necessary aspects of love and romance. As a viewer, I got to experience that first hand as I felt the movie's 2-hour running time midway through the movie. Also, there were several chronological goofs in the movie (like a PC running Windows 7 in 2005). So, is Miss You Like Crazy worth the wait? Depends on who's asking. I think it's a well-made movie, but I felt it did not deliver the goods. I'm convinced that the title refers to how people will long for the good old days of the John Lloyd-Bea tandem after watching this film. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Villa Estrella
2) Villa Estrella (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 45 min - Full Sources)
John Lloyd Cruz played as Raul
Release: Jul 1, 2009
Rating: 5.67/10
Views: 6,290
Comments: 0
How come people who go there are never seen again? Does the villa "eat" people alive? The movie tells the story of Ana who has always been having nightmares about certain people getting killed of Madre Na Aswang. Things become scarier when her ex-boyfriend brings her to Villa Estrella where she meets a girl named Gisele who seems to be very familiar to her. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Tenement 2  (t2)
3) Tenement 2 (t2) (Movies - Runtime: Unknown - Full Sources)
John Lloyd Cruz played as (Unknown Character)
Genre:Fantasy / Horror
Release: Apr 11, 2009
Rating: 6.00/10
Views: 4,581
Comments: 0
A Save an Orphan Volunteer is taking care of a young girl, who is being stalked by Engkantos, as the chase begins, the lives that surrounding them maybe at risk. | Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : A Very Special Love
4) A Very Special Love (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 46 min - Full Sources)
John Lloyd Cruz played as Miggy Montenegro
Genre:Comedy / Romance
Release: Jul 30, 2008
Rating: 10.00/10
Views: 11,586
Comments: 0
A Very Special Love is a romantic comedy film produced by Star Cinema, directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina and written by Raz dela Torre. The story is about a moody Editor-in-chief Miggy Montenegro who is in the verge of losing his staff as well as his men's magazine, Bachelor. Laida, a naive young girl, applies as an Editorial Assistant hoping to be close with the man she dreams of every night. The plot is fairly identifiable to the movie The Devil Wears Prada wherein a recent college graduate gets a job as an assistant to a powerful magazine editor. But this time, it is a love story. Although originality in the story is not a strong quality nevertheless the basic necessities of a Romantic Comedy were all addressed. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.

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