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Nicholas A. Catalano

This is the profile page for Nicholas A. Catalano. On the right you can Watch Movies online that Nicholas A. Catalano had a role in, either as a producer, director, writer or actor. More details regarding each Online Movie could be found right below the title in the darker division. You may also scroll down the page to view the IMDB profile page of Nicholas A. Catalano.

Nicholas A. Catalano on 10StarMovies:

Watch Movies Online : It's A Boy Girl Thing
1) It's A Boy Girl Thing (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 35 min - Full Sources)
Nicholas A. Catalano played as Nice Penis Guy
Genre:Comedy / Romance
Release: Dec 26, 2006
Rating: 8.83/10
Views: 18,119
Comments: 0
'It's a Boy Girl Thing' uses the high school comedy structure as a basis to explore teenage insecurities, hopes and fears. Nell (the smart, cute girl) and Woody (the big dumb jock) are two teenage rivals who find themselves in each others bodies after arguing in front of an Aztec statue in a museum, which then transfers their souls as they sleep, causing them to awake in each other bodies. After trying to work things out but coming to no conclusion, both Nell and Woody, inside each others bodies, begin ruining each others lives. But after all this bickering, both of them soon discover that if they work together and help each other, a happy ending might turn out after all. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Heartstopper
2) Heartstopper (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 32 min - Full Sources)
Nicholas A. Catalano played as Male Student #1 (as Nic Catalano)
Release: Oct 31, 2006
Rating: 1.00/10
Views: 2,196
Comments: 0
In a stormy night, the evil serial-killer Jonathan Chambers is executed in the electric chair. The arrogant coroner Doctor Hitchens brings the corpse in an ambulance to a hospital for the autopsy escorted by the County Sheriff Berger that arrested Chambers. Meanwhile the outcast high-school student Sara Wexler tries to commit suicide on the road and is hit by the Sheriff Berger's car. While bringing Sara in the same ambulance that is transporting the body of Chambers to the hospital, the teenager sees the dead coming back to life. In the hospital, Sara shares the room with the stabbed teenager Walter that coincidentally is her schoolmate, and she asks him to help her to leave the hospital. She tells what she saw, but Walter in principle believe Sara is nuts. However, when he sees blood on the corridor, he helps Sara to escape from their room. However, they find that all exits are locked and they are trapped in the hospital while the psychopath is slaughtering the patients and staff looking for Sara. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Mean Girls
3) Mean Girls (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 37 min - Full Sources)
Nicholas A. Catalano played as Kid in Classroom (uncredited)
Genre:Comedy / Drama
Release: Apr 19, 2004
Rating: 8.00/10
Views: 49,980
Comments: 0
Raised in African bush country by her zoologist parents, Cady Heron thinks she knows about survival of the fittest. But the law of the jungle takes on a whole new meaning when the home-schooled 15-year-old enters public high school for the first time and encounters psychological warfare and unwritten social rules that teenage girls face today. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Billy Madison
4) Billy Madison (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 29 min - Full Sources)
Nicholas A. Catalano played as 3rd Grader
Genre:Comedy / Romance
Release: Feb 10, 1995
Rating: 8.50/10
Views: 18,106
Comments: 0
Billy Madison is the 27 year-old son of Bryan Madison, a very rich man who has made his living in the hotel industry. Billy stands to inherit his father's empire but only if he can make it through all 12 grades, 2 weeks per grade, to prove that he has what it takes to run the family business. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.

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