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Ray Uhler

This is the profile page for Ray Uhler. On the right you can Watch Movies online that Ray Uhler had a role in, either as a producer, director, writer or actor. More details regarding each Online Movie could be found right below the title in the darker division. You may also scroll down the page to view the IMDB profile page of Ray Uhler.

Ray Uhler on 10StarMovies:

Watch Movies Online : Things You Don't Tell...
1) Things You Don't Tell... (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 40 min - Full Sources)
Ray Uhler played as Dr. Shane
Release: May 21, 2006
Rating: 6.00/10
Views: 1,346
Comments: 0
A psychological thriller about three people caught in a web of deceit and lies. Everything is contained on the surface until a chance meeting triggers a series of tragic events that rips their worlds apart. As the truth unravels, their very survival is at stake. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Old School
2) Old School (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 31 min - Full Sources)
Ray Uhler played as Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Release: Feb 13, 2003
Rating: 7.56/10
Views: 24,383
Comments: 0
Mitch, Frank and Beanie are disillusioned with their personal lives begining when Mitch's nymphomanic girlfriend, Heidi, cheats on him, then former party animal Frank gets married, but unwilling to get go of his wild life, and Beanie is a family man seeking to reclaim his wild and crazy youth. Beanie suggests that they form their own fraternity in Mitch's new house on a college campus to re-live their glory days by bringing together a variety of misfit college students, losers, middle-aged and elderly retirees as their new friends and later try to avoid being evicted by the new Dean of Students, Pritchard, whom still holds a personal grudge against all three of them. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Ali
3) Ali (Movies - Runtime: 2 hr 37 min - Full Sources)
Ray Uhler played as Ringside Photographer (uncredited)
Release: Dec 11, 2001
Rating: 7.50/10
Views: 10,167
Comments: 0
In 1964, a brash new pro boxer, fresh from his olympic gold medal victory, explodes on to the scene, Cassius Clay. Bold and outspoken, he cuts an entirely new image for African American's in sport with his proud public self confidence with his unapologetic belief that he is the greatest boxer of all time. To his credit, he sets out to prove that with his highly agile and forceful style soon making him a formidable boxer who soon claims the heavyweight championship. His personal life is no less noteworthy with his allegiance to the Nation of Islam, his friendship with the controversial Malcolm X and his abandonment of his slave name in favour of Muhammad Ali stirring up controversy. Yet, at the top of his game, both Ali's personal and professional lives face the ultimate test with the military draft rules are changed, making him eligible for military induction during the Vietnam War. Despite the fact that he could easily agree to a sweetheart deal that would have meant an easy tour of duty for himself, Ali refuses to submit on principle to cooperate in an unjust war for a racist nation that treated his people so poorly. The cost of that stand is high as he finds himself unable to legally box in his own country while his case is contested in court. What follows is a battle for a man who would sacrifice so much for what he believes in and a comeback that would cement his legend as one of the great sports figures of all time. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : The Players Club
4) The Players Club (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 44 min - Full Sources)
Ray Uhler played as Officer Bailey (uncredited)
Genre:Comedy / Drama
Release: Apr 8, 1998
Rating: 1.00/10
Views: 21,299
Comments: 0
Diana, a young mom working at a shoe store meets two strippers, Tricks and Ronnie. They tell her that she should work at The Playa's Club for big money. The woman accepts and soon introduces her cousin into the club. Then she finds out that her cousin is doing housecalls which Tricks bribed her to do. One day Diana returns to her house after almost being raped by an obsessed fan and finds her cousin sleeping with her ex-boyfriend. She kicks her cousin out and starts dating Blue, a DJ at the club. They go out one night and Diana's cousin calls asking her to pick her up from a bachelor party. Diana refuses and soon after her cousin is raped. Now she has only one option, to put Tricks in her place. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : One Night Stand
5) One Night Stand (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 42 min - Full Sources)
Ray Uhler played as British Ambassador (uncredited)
Release: Aug 31, 1997
Rating: 6.00/10
Views: 4,658
Comments: 0
Los-Angeles commercials director Max visits his friend, artist Charlie, who was diagnosed with AIDS in New York. There he meets Karen, they are attracted to each other and after they meet later that day at the concert, they have a passionate night. Then he returns home to L.A. to his family and wife Mimi. A year later Max returns to New York again to visit Charlie who is now dying, and there he meets Karen again, who is married to Charlie's brother Vernon. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : My Best Friend's Wedding
6) My Best Friend's Wedding (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 45 min - Full Sources)
Ray Uhler played as Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Genre:Comedy / Drama / Romance
Release: Jun 20, 1997
Rating: 10.00/10
Views: 11,769
Comments: 0
After Michael tells his best friend, Julianne that he is getting married in four days, she goes straight to Chicago to help him get through. But she has every intention to stop the wedding and steal the groom from Kimberly. Over the next three days, she tries everything to split them up. Finally, on the day of the wedding, Jules tells Mike she loves him and kisses him, but to her disadvantage, Kimmy is watching them. Now Michael has to decide whom he loves most. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Star Trek: First Contact
7) Star Trek: First Contact (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 51 min - Full Sources)
Ray Uhler played as Dancer in Holodeck Nightclub Scene (uncredited)
Release: Nov 18, 1996
Rating: 3.33/10
Views: 11,196
Comments: 0
The time is the 24th century and the ship is the newly commissioned Enterprise-E. It's captain, Jean-Luc Picard, has been ordered not to interfere in a combat between a Borg Cube and ships from the Federation. However, seeing the Federation is about to lose, Picard ignore his orders and take command of the defending fleet. With his knowledge of the weak spot of the Cube, they destroy it. However, a small part of it escapes and plot a course directly to Earth. The Enterprise chases it and enters a time distortion created by the Borg. They end up in the mid 21st century, their only chance of stopping the Borg from assimilating Earth being to help Zefram Cochrane make his famous first faster than light travel to the stars... Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : Nick Of Time
8) Nick Of Time (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 30 min - Full Sources)
Ray Uhler played as Reporter (uncredited)
Release: Nov 22, 1995
Rating: 7.67/10
Views: 7,688
Comments: 0
On a normal afternoon for accountant Gene Watson, the minutes and hours pass with little notice or concern. Not today. Random chance has just placed him in one of those horrific, incredulous situations. Arriving at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles for an appointment, Gene and his six-year-old daughter Lynn are suddenly taken hostage by police impostors. Gene is told he must commit a murder within the next 90 minutes or his daughter will die. The target of his deadly assignment is an innocent public figure. Any effort Watson makes to go to the authorities is stymied by the sure knowledge that the kidnappers will retaliate by killing his daughter. In his frantic race against the clock, each moment has quick and deadly consequences. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
Watch Movies Online : The American President
9) The American President (Movies - Runtime: 1 hr 54 min - Full Sources)
Ray Uhler played as Senator (uncredited)
Genre:Comedy / Drama / Romance
Release: Nov 8, 1995
Rating: 9.00/10
Views: 7,594
Comments: 0
Andrew Shephard is approaching the end of his first term as President of the United States. He's a widower with a young daughter and has proved to be popular with the public. His election seems assured. That is until he meets Sydney Helen Wade a paid political activist working for an environmental lobby group. He's immediately smitten with her and after several amusing attempts, finally manage to go on a date (which happens to be a State dinner for the visiting President of France). His relationship with Wade opens the door for his prime political opponent, Senator Bob Rumson, to launch an attack on the President's character, something he could not do in the previous election as Shepard's wife had only recently died. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.

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